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Wing foil lessons, clinics and coaching

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We run lessons, clinics and coaching.

Our lessons are fun, intensive sessions, teaching you the key skills needed to take you from Zero to hero. From the first time on the board though to confidently foiling. Lessons will be run using RYA teaching (we are all qualified RYA Wing Foil instructors) and the RYA recommended teacher student ratio: With a maximum of 1 teacher to 4 students, ensuring you get focused and relevant lessons.

We will supply you with everything you will need for your session: From wetsuits and buoyancy aids to the latest full carbon hydrofoils and Wings from AFS foiling.

Our equipment is tailored for easy learning for complete beginners to improver wing foilers.

We can also teach 1:1 (although this is a bit more expensive).

However, we know from our own foiling journey that it's not just about taking lessons. You need to practise, practise, practise.

In order to help you maximise the benefits from your time on the water, we run clinics, where we'll focus on one core skill, like light wind starts, or foiling gybes.

Practising with others at the same stage as you and with the same specific goal, helps you to nail though key skills, and accelerate your learning curve.

Sometimes, you really just need someone to see what you're doing, spot key elements that make the difference between frustration and progress, and so we also offer coaching on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis.

wing foilingJulia demonstrating the RYA start position (pic by James Hardy)


Intro to winging (2hrs)

Intro to Winging is the ideal first winging lesson for most. Unless you have a reasonable amount of experience in another foiling discipline, this is the one for you. This session is a 2 hour group session (max 4 students) focused on the basics and will progress you from wing handling on land to riding along on a large stable board using the wing to harness the power of the wind.

In this lesson you'll learn how to get up and go, steer and turn around so that you are ready to progress to a foil board. We will also teach you wind and water awareness.

This session is taught on a large board without a foil.

Book an Intro to Winging lesson (from £60)


Wingfoiling flights (3hrs)

It's time to fly... This lesson is aimed at those who have previous experience handling the wing and are ready to progress on to the foil, or those who have a good level of foiling experience in another watersport such as kite foiling, windsurf foiling or surf/sup foiling.

This is a 3 hour intensive lesson (max 4 students per instructor) focused on transitioning from a regular board without hydrofoil to a foiling setup. During this session you will gain the necessary skills to experience your first glides under wing power! This session will introduce you to hydrofoils, how they work and how to use them. In addition we will cover practical guidance on those tricky questions that seem so hard to answer for first time foilers like; kit setup, how to get up wind and what happens if I need to turn around and get back home.

The RYA recommends 8-10 hours of instruction for your first flights, so you may want to come back to extend this lesson.

Book a Wingfoiling flights lesson (from £85)


Improve your Wingfoiling (3hrs)

After that first exhilarating , but short lived flight, you've got the bug. But how do you go from that to the smooth effortless, sustained gliding you see on your insta feed?

This lesson takes you from that first feeling, though to longer smoother flights, over a 3hr session. We cover, generating board speed, smooth take offs, maintaining your balance, and controlled landings, along with steering and getting upwind on foil.

The RYA also recommends 8-10 hours of instruction to learn sustained flights, so you may want to come back to extend this lesson.

Book an Improve your wingfoiling lesson (from £85)


wing foilingLearn how to set up a foil

Coaching / 1:1 lesson (3hrs)

We can run Intro to Winging, Wingfoiling flights, Improve your wingfoiling lessons as a 1:1 session. We can also tailor your 1:1 lesson to your level and what you want to learn next, whether it is your very first time holding a wing or advanced moves like tacks and foil slides.

For 1:1 sessions we will also use video feedback / analysis and BbTalkin headsets so that we can talk with you as you are on the water.

Get in touch at to book a 1:1 session (from £130 for 3 hours )

Which lesson is right for me?

If you have never used a wing before you should choose the Intro to Winging course.

If you are already familiar with using a wing plus board and can confidently go up and down on it (and perhaps even have your own equipment) you could choose Progress to Wingfoiling.

Perhaps you have already managed to foil once or twice. If that is the case you could choose Wingfoiling Flights.

If you aren't sure get in touch at and we can help you work out which course is for you.

Prices include discounts for members.

To book a lesson follow the links above.

Before you book... How the lessons work

Wingfoiling is a great sport that you can do in almost any conditions and locations.

But for the best learning experience you need three things: A suitable location, tailored equipment, and well wind!

Axbridge is a great location, with a thriving community of foilers. Velocity has the latest beginner focused equipment from AFS. But as much as we would like we can't pre-order the wind.

In order to give you the best learning experience, our courses work a little differently to others. We only run courses when it's windy enough, so that you have the best opportunity to learn.

For Intro to Winging - we can run the course in most wind strengths, providing it's not dead calm - but for all other Wing foiling courses, you book a lesson then we scour the forecast, a week in advance to make sure it will be windy enough.

So when you you book a lesson you should assume this is the time and day we want to run the lesson, but we can't guarantee conditions will allow this.

If the conditions don't look good we will let you know a two or three days beforehand and try to reschedule your session. Or you can select another date (from our list of published dates on eventbrite).

So if you book for a Saturday please try to keep the Sunday free, as we may reschedule the session for the following day if the conditions on Saturday do not look good.

We may also alter the start time of the session on the day to match the weather / wind conditions. We will let you know if this is the case.

(All our lessons run with a minimum of 2 people)

Why windy is better

Although it's possible to learn how to handle the wing in almost any conditions, hydrofoiling requires power in the wing and some speed, so we only run our Wing foiling courses when there is enough wind.


Alongside our wingfoil courses we also offer a variety of clinics.

Our clinics are for a larger group of up to 6 and are focused on a specific goal or technique. They are primarily for wingfoilers that have already had their first flight. We will run a clinic with a minimum of 3.

Each clinic has pre requisite skill and are delivered on water with video feedback / analysis.

They might include advanced techniques like tacking or more intermediate skills like your first gybe.

See you on the water!

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