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Other questions that aren't answered elsewhere.

T15, Techno293, RYA, UKWA, Axbridge Animals, BCYC what's the difference?

  • T15 is the old name for the RYA managed youth windsurfing. They still organise some training and coaches are trained by the RYA.
  • Windsurfing racing within the UK is now generally organised by the UKWA.
  • At ages up to 15, international and UK windsurfing racing uses a standard design of kit (One Design, or OD). This, for a number of years, is the Techno 293 kit (T293). This is a standard board (293mm long), and standard 5.8m, 6.8m and 7.8m sails. Originally this was manufactured by BIC, but is now made by TAHE. Smaller sails than 5.8 can be used, but they don't have to be the OD format.
  • Older than 15, you race in the TechnoPlus category. The board is the same, but the sail is bigger!
  • Alternatively you can compete in IQFoil, which is the OD windfoiling league.
  • Axbridge Animals is the name of the BCYC Youth Windsurfing group. We have a range of windsurfing equipment, including Techno293. We don't have anything bigger than 6m sails. We do have a couple of foil boards which our more expereinced youth can try out. You don't have to have a Techno kit to sail with us.


Some training is organised by the RYA

RYA membership gives you 3rd party insurance for windsurfing.

Joining the RYA

To join the RYA they prefer to use an online system. You need to register for MyRYA, which is free, then use the on-line portal to pay for membership. A single youth membership is £17. However, the online system doesn't allow anyone under the age of 13 to create an account. The only way round this is to ring up the RYA on 023 8060 4100 and do it over the phone.

Sail numbers

The RYA organise sail numbers. Once you have joined then send an email with your membership number to requesting one. It takes about 48 hours.


Racing is organised by UK Windsurfing Association (UKWA, but website is They also give you 3rd party insurance. You need to be a member to race (except for home events).

Membership costs £45 for a junior, or £80 for a family.

Normally you can sign up on the day for racing, but if it costs then there is an additional £10 fee to sign up on the day. For your first event you don't have to join the UKWA, you can buy a £10 temporary membership; however this can only be done on the day so it looks like you pay £10 for temp membership + £10 for on the day entry + £race fee. If you are going to do more than one race, then you will need to join anyway.

UKWA can also keep a list of unique sail numbers you can get.

Sail numbers for racing

All sailors have to have a sail number when racing. This has to be unique on the day. The easiest way to ensure this on a regular basis is get a personal number from the RYA or UKWA (see above). I would recommend a UKWA sail number because they are shorter and as sail numbers cost per letter it works out cheaper. However, if you are only racing once or twice, particularly on club sails, then just use whatever number is listed on it already! Youth racing in the UK is fairly informal and sail numbers can be changed during registration (and during the racing sometimes!).

You can buy sail numbers here:

Alternatively, for club races we have a big box of unused numbers which we cutup and stick on the sails in the right order.

Techno 293

Signing up for events

Techno 293 events are organised through T293 UK Events and Membership - operated by OurClubAdmin, sign up here for training and some races. These will often be the day before/afer a race day. There is a £10 annual fee to use this website, then additional fees for each event. The training events are generally £50 per child per day. It's not the simplest of sites. You can create a user ID, then use this to sign up for multiple children as you get to sign up a multiple 'boats' . In my case I ended up signing up as my youngest son, using my mail address, but then could sign up both children to the training. You will be asked a sail number, this is mandatory, but not important, use whatever you want if you don't have one (see above under RYA if you do want one).

Techno 203 racing rules These are the international racing rules, and rules tend to be more flexible in UK races. Read the sailing instructions for individual races!

(Winter) Regional Training Group (RTG)

RYA Details: get involved (

RTG Dates training-dates (

The RTG is a series of 5 or so training events, including a residential Easter camp, and is great. The cost is about £770 (2023 costs, they go up each year :-( )

You would apply for the RTG after being told by a coach that the sailor is ready, or by Axbridge T15 coaches mentioning we have a sailor who is ready, and then they will expect to meet and watch them at the event in September.

Useful web groups

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