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Home / Membership Details / Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we access the reservoir with my own sup/kayak/windsurfer?

You need to be a member or be signed in by a member as a visitor

Can we have a discount after October the 1st?

Yes, please see the membership section of the website. Other options to cut the cost are to become a member and refer someone else, if they join and put you as their referring member then you get £50 off next years membership. You can also become a member and join the paid duty list where others may get in touch and offer payment for completing a duty on their behalf.

Can I use my drone?

No - this is not permitted by Bristol Water.

Is there space to store my craft?

Yes there is plenty of space outside in dinghy park, contact and our storage secretary will be able to advise on where it could be placed and administer any charges that may apply. They will also be able to let you know if there is storage space available inside.

Can we bring our Dragon Boat, RC model, kite surfer to the reservoir?

No. Bristol water only allows access to the reservoir via BCYC and only for sail/windsurf/sup/kayak/canoe/BCYC safety craft.

Can I get a cheaper membership as I just SUP?

No. We have a single tariff membership system that is equal across all groups. Many of our members take part in multiple water sports. All watersports do also benefit from other facilities that the club offer such as storage, showers, bar and safety boat.

Do I have to do duties, I only SUP/Kayak/windsurf and do not race?

Yes, all members between the ages of 18 and 75 are required to complete duties each year. Members outside of this age range may also volunteer to complete duties because they are both fun and help the club.

Can I use the galley?

No. Our galley is now operated exclusively by Cobbs of Cheddar who maintain it to the standards required by the food industry. They provide fantastic, affordable food though! There is a sink, microwave, fridge and boiling water tap available for general use by members.

I represent a school/large group and we would like to use the reservoir, can we become members?

Yes, we offer membership for affiliate groups. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If I join now will my membership run for 12 months?

No, your membership will expire on the last day in February as we have a fixed membership year. Discounts are available towards the end of the year. Please see the prices page for details.

As a member, can I come to the club whenever I want?

Yes, as a member you will get full access to the club including a key enabling you to get in whenever you wish. The water is available to use 7 days a week in British Summer Time and 4 days a week during the winter (GMT).

Can I use the clubhouse for my event (e.g. wedding reception)?

See info about hiring the clubhouse in the "information" section of the website

I would like to have a greater input into how the club is run. How can I do this?

Your elected committee do their best to act within the interest of all members to give the best possible outcome for the membership as a whole. We are happy to receive constructive feedback from members and are also very happy for volunteers to join us on the committee to help guide decision making within the club.

New membership applications need to be voted through by the general committee, why is this?

We have a friendly mutually supportive club run by members for members. We vet all applications to ensure that our membership continues to be so friendly and positive with all members acting within the spirit of the club. It is also a requirement of our lease with Bristol Water.

I am not receiving communications from the club, what can I do?

Check your spam folder. Add to your accepted e-mail list. Login to the portal to check that your e-mail address is still correct.

I cannot login to the portal. What should I do?

Follow the on screen prompts to reset your password. If you have changed your e-mail address, check your old e-mail address for the reset link.

I have changed my e-mail address and can no longer login to the portal. What has happened?

When you change your e-mail address on the portal, it changes the e-mail that communications are sent to but not your login e-mail address. We can change this for you, please let us know.

My partner/son/daughter cannot log into their account. Why is this?

If you have not provided us with a specific e-mail address for someone on your membership, their e-mail address will be the same as the primary member on the account. They can still login with this e-mail address and their individual password that will have been sent to you. Note, when the e-mail addresses are the same it is the specific password that identifies which account you are logging into. To reduce confusion, we prefer an individual e-mail address for all members. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please get in touch.

When I login, I cannot see all of the members only pages. How can I see them?

Please make sure you are logging into the account that we created for you when you joined BCYC. It is possible for anyone to create an account with us at anytime by subscribing to mailing lists on the website but it will not link to your members account, it will only create another account with your name and e-mail address with limited access. If you are sure you are using the correct account, please get in touch, it maybe that your membership fees are not up to date, in any case, we will be able to help.

Do I need to be a member to access training?

Not always although where non-members can complete training with us, often it is cheaper for members to do the same course.

When can I sail?

Have a look at Sailing Times

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