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Home / Club / Tranformation Objectives & Strategies
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Home / Club / Tranformation Objectives & Strategies

Tranformation Objectives & Strategies

Primary Objective: Grow membership to exceed 600 members

Secondary Objectives: Increase club activity and participation

  • Rationalize organization and operational efficiency

Why is this important:

  • More revenue so can keep membership fees low = better value for money
  • More people to share duties and effort to run the club = less effort per member
  • Increased participation with more people to have fun = thriving club
  • Ensures the club has a sustainable future

Sailing Strategy

  • Capitalise on 7-day summer water usage opportunity utilising a buddy system for non-duty days
  • Broaden use of water to paddle craft & invest in club kit - canoes/kayaks & paddleboards
  • Build cruising/recreational sailing aspect of the club to complement racing
  • Continue with a comprehensive program for club racing and open events
  • Make craft hire more accessible with online availability/booking system
  • Maintain quality of club craft

Training Strategy

  • Build up a comprehensive program of training and activities to meet all groups
  • Increase frequency of training throughout year
  • Define clear pathways to join and learning to sail
  • Leverage 'push the boat out'
  • 'Try sailing' and 'tasters' to recruit new members
  • Implement mentor support to look after new members
  • Train and build pool of instructors
  • Create list of professional instructors available to supplement club instructors
  • Define training cost structure to generate profit for the club
  • Develop strategy for converting Onboard & T15 activity into memberships

House Strategy

  • Expand social activity within the club to make it a fun place to make friends and socialize
  • Develop and provide a comprehensive program of social events
  • Increase use of Bar
  • Provide efficient, tasty galley meals
  • Refurbish club house interior to make more attractive and welcoming
  • Provide club storage capacity for some windsurfers and for new kit
  • Prepare for renew of Bristol Water lease due in 2020
  • Develop community & wellbeing initiatives e.g. Physio, Men Shed

Communications Strategy

  • Utilise surveys to understand factors impacting our membership
  • Enhanced monthly newsletter & expand distribution to inform all family members
  • Create new club website. Improve ease of use & content to inform all and attract new members
  • Provide an online calendar for Sailing, Training and Social events
  • Continue to raise club profile through media coverage
  • Finalize rebranding and install signage
  • Improve club image & user experience with club. - procedures, labelling, notice boards
  • Develop and implement a social media strategy
  • Continue to leverage good relationships with RYA
  • Communicate and leverage the good relationship with Bristol Water
  • Implement an incentive program for members to recruit a friend

Administration Strategy

  • Group administration activity under Honorary Secretary leadership
  • Change annual renew date from Autumn to Spring
  • Simplify and automate administration processes to improve member experience and make volunteer tasks easier - Invest in tools as required.

Financial Strategy

  • Manage operational revenue and costs such that after depreciation there should be a small surplus year on year to enable continuous club improvements
  • Maintain a strong cash reserve to enable future clubhouse development
  • Be prepared to invest a proportion of the cash reserve wisely on assets (craft/automation tools/property development) that will significantly improve the capability to grow membership and so return future revenue
  • Ensure activities like training, social and open events are self-funding and generate profit for the club

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