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Home / Club / Corinthian Days - Duties at the Club

Corinthian Days - Duties at the Club

BCYC is run by its members. As a member you will be asked to contribute to the running of the club by training to use the safety boats and providing safety cover on the water for a number of days each year. If you are an experienced racer you will be asked to help run the racing. Alternatively, you can help in the galley. You can pay for someone else to cover your duties.

Free Induction for use of the Powerboats & introduction to the club

All members are required to participate in a free induction to use the powerboat. Book your Powerboat induction here

Duty Cover for Payment

Sometimes members are unable to cover a scheduled duty, are unable/unwilling to arrange a swap, and would prefer to pay someone to cover their duty. We have a list of members below available to cover a duty for payment.

Conditions of Cover

Members age 16 or over can advise RotaSec at that they would be willing to do others duties, in addition to their own, for a payment. Their names and contact details are added to the 'duties for payment' list below.

The club is only acting as a contact medium and is NOT employing these members. It is for the two members to agree how payment made. As an indication the normal current fee is £50-60 for a full day and £25-30 for a Wednesday evening.

The RotaSec at should be informed who is doing a duty for payment so that an explanation request for any failure to attend goes to correct person. Duty reminders will continue to go to scheduled member, who should remind the agreed paid member.

The person being paid should fill in the paying members name on attendance sheets so that payer gets their credit, as this is NOT a swap. If the member being paid fails to do agreed duty or their own duties, they will be removed from this list.

Please note member must be safety boat trained to swap for on the water duty. Under 18 must have an adult in the boat at all times when driving safety boat.

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